We are looking for highly motivated participants who are interested in ageing and movement(disorders) to participate in our summerschool.


Students and post-graduates with a background in any study with a focus on movement and movement disorders (e.g. medicine, biomedical sciences, movement sciences, biomedical technology, physical therapy) are encouraged to apply.



All lectures and workshops are taught in English. If you want to join, make sure you are able to freely express yourself in English to enable proper understanding and stimulate group interaction. No formal English language test is required.


For most (European) participants it is not necessary to obtain a visa. In some cases, depending on your nationality, you will need to apply for a so called Schengen visa (short stay visa). Check out the list of countries to see if you need a visa and find out more on how to apply for a Schengen Visa on the Dutch government’s website. Please note that you can only apply for a visa after you have been admitted. If needed, the BJTC summerschool coordinator can provide an invitation letter.


Number of participants

The maximum number of participant to the BJTC summerschool is capped at 30. Eligble participants will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis.

Step-by-step application procedure

1. Write a motivational letter

Please describe your background and experience, the reason you want to join, what you hope to learn and what you are able to contribute to the summerschool (add a video in which you introduce yourself!)

2. Fill out the application form (see below)

3. Send the application form, your motivational letter and C.V. to before April 15th 2020.

For selected cases an extended registration deadline is available, please contact us as soon as possible

4. If necessary arrange your VISA before June1st 2020

5. Payment instructions will be emailed after review of your application. Ensure that payment of the course fee is tranferred before June1th 2019

6. Fly to The Netherlands and enjoy a great course!

The sooner you send your application, the sooner we can evaluate and hopefully confirm your application. This means that it is possible to be accepted before the final deadline. We look forward to receiving your application!

Countdown to registration deadline

Application form