Overview of programme

summer school Bone, Join & Tendon Care


The BJTC summerschool will focus on among others the physiology of ageing, the impact of ageing on society, degeneration and joint replacement therapy (e.g. hip and knee prostheses), the challenges of hip fracture care and the benefits of exercise for healthy ageing.


The educational programme consists of interactive lectures taught by our very best professors, researchers and medical doctors.

Workshops will expand on the lectures and will let you experience old age or feel how it it’s like to be a surgeon fixing a hip fracture.  

Research assignment:

At the start of the summerschool we will introduce several research topics to be addressed in small groups. How can we prevent osteoporosis, what is the benefit of exercise in injury prevention and what is the optimal strategy for rehabilitation after major surgery just to name a few. We ask you to write a research proposal and present your work in a closing scientific seminar. May the best group win!

Social activities:

During the course there will be room for social activities. Join us for a barbecue in the Noorderplantsoen park, a boat tour through the canals of Groningen or explore the varied nightlife in Groningen.

Optional trip:

Besides the 'regular' social activities, we will also provide an additional trip to one of the nicest islands of the Netherlands. You can enjoy the beach, town and beautiful nature of Schiermonnikoog.

Detailed programme


Detailed programme


This is last years schedule, this years schedule isn't finalized yet, but it provides you with an idea on what to expect.